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Have you always been a little self conscious about your smile? Are you ready for a change? If so, veneer’s might be a good option for you. By choosing this single treatment, patients can enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening, orthodontic treatment, and dental crowns, all at once. In addition, veneers offer incredibly lifelike results. After placement, many patients feel more confident than they have felt in years.

Here are some advantages of veneers:

Improving Your Smile

Aside from whitening techniques, veneers are a great way to improve your smile especially if your teeth are chipped, malformed or very discoloured. Veneers will allow you to achieve that beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of.

Maintaining a Natural Looking Smile

Veneers can dramatically improve your smile and your overall oral health while maintaining a natural look that is similar to your own teeth. When patients use veneers to cover up one or two stained teeth, their other teeth may appear stained in comparison. However, by selecting professional teeth whitening you can harmonize the colour of your smile. This easy method can be performed in your home or at the office.

No Recovery Time

Upon completion patients will undergo no recovery from this procedure and are able to drive themselves home from the Dental Office. They will be able to immediately go about their daily routine including their regular dietary habits and physical activity.

A Stain Free Smile

With porcelain veneers you do not have to worry about stains. A special non-abrasive polish can be used to prevent staining and keep your smile bright and white.

Without a doubt there are a lot of things to consider if you are thinking about getting veneers.

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