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What is laughing gas?

Laughing gas, AKA nitrous oxide, can help to make you feel relaxed and euphoric when inhaled. Many people report a feeling of tingling in their hands and feet, or have the sensation of floating.

The purpose of laughing gas is to reduce anxiety and potential excessive movement during longer procedures, such as fillings.

Are there any side effects to inhaling nitrous oxide?

The side effects of laughing gas are rare but may include nausea or vomiting. The levels of nitrous and oxygen are controlled chairside and can be easily adjusted if someone is feeling unwell — and the nasal mask can be removed immediately to eliminate any discomfort.

Is laughing gas safe for children?

Nitrous oxide is safe for all ages and is commonly used with children. The dosage can be adjusted to make it safe and comfortable for your child.

Laughing gas can be used at the beginning of the appointment via a local anesthetic injection or it can be used throughout the entire procedure with a mask.

Will I be awake during the dental procedure?

Laughing gas will not “knock you out”, but it will put you in a state of relaxation. You will remain conscious and will be responsive at all times.

Can I drive home after a dental procedure?

You are safe to drive after inhaling nitrous oxide gas. The effects of the gas wear off in under five minutes.

Once the nasal mask is removed, the gas leaves the body quickly and the effects are completely gone within minutes.

I gag easily, how will laughing gas affect me?

Good news for patients with a strong gag reflex! Laughing gas can dramatically decrease your gag reflex and help to make your appointment relaxing and comfortable.

For additional questions about laughing gas, or to set-up your next dental procedure, contact the office of Dr. Simon Pong.

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