Make the most of your Sheridan College Dental Plan at Simon Pong Dentistry!

We make it easy for Sheridan College Students to receive dental care. We’ll work with your dental plan and bill your insurance company directly. Located down the street from Sheridan, we’re just a short walk from campus. We also provide Sheridan Students with same-day emergency care and extended hours.

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  • *Sheridan Students have $750 available during the school year.

About Sheridan College Dental Plan

Did you know that as a full-time domestic student at Sheridan College, you’re automatically enrolled in a student dental plan?

This college dental plan is part of the Sheridan Students Union Health and Dental Plan*, which is designed to fill the gaps left by provincial health care in Ontario.

If you have coverage under another extended health and dental plan, as a spouse or dependent for example, you can opt out of the Sheridan dental plan by providing proof of this coverage. You can also enroll your family, including a spouse and/or dependents, in your plan.

*Your Sheridan plan covers 50% to 70% of your dental costs.

How to Find Us

Dr. Simon Pong is located a short 15 minute walk down the road from the main Sheridan College campus in Oakville. Just take a right on Trafalgar Road and then turn left on Iroquois Shore Road before you reach the QEW.

If you have any trouble finding us, please call our office at (647) 360-7819.