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Can I go to the dentist when I’m pregnant?


It is important that cavities be treated to reduce the risk of infection. Hormonal changes can cause gums to become red, swollen, tender and/or bleed. This is known as pregnancy gingivitis.

The second trimester is ideal as some women find that it may be difficult to lay back in the dental chair in their third trimester.

When do I tell the Dentist that I’m pregnant ?

Even if you think you may be pregnant it is important to inform your dental team.

It is important to let us know if you are taking any medication, including vitamins.

If you are considered high risk, or have any special guidelines from your doctor, it is essential to inform us.

If you are experiencing morning sickness, it is important to have your teeth examined for acid damage .

Can I get freezing?


It is completely safe to get freezing. We use a specific type of local anaesthetic for pregnant women that is safe for both the mother and the baby.

Can I get my teeth cleaned ?


Taking care of your mouth is very important for you and the baby. If you are experiencing pregnancy gingivitis, your dental team may recommend more frequent dental cleanings (every 3-4 months ). Left untreated, gingivitis can lead to more serious forms of gum disease, and it has been linked to low birth rate, and early delivery.

What about getting x-rays?

Although getting x-rays are safe during pregnancy, we usually will not take x-rays unless absolutely necessary (i.e. emergency toothache or active infection, fractured tooth, wisdom tooth pain).

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