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Dental Anxiety In Children

Negative experiences at the dentist as a child can set the stage for a lifetime of dental phobia.

In fact, dental anxiety (also called dental phobia, odontophobia, dentophobia, and dental fear) is extremely common and affects around 20% of the population.

Here at Simon Pong Dentistry, we are focused on making sure that visits to the dentist are a safe and calm experience – for adults and children alike. 

Causes of Dental Phobia in Children

There are a number of ways that dental anxiety can take hold in children. 

Perhaps a treatment began before the patient was totally frozen, and they experienced pain or discomfort.

If the dentist doesn’t communicate what they are doing before starting a procedure, it can lead to a feeling of not being in control.

If these negative experiences happen in the formative years of childhood, it can create dental anxiety that lasts into adulthood.

This could mean that your child is reluctant to visit the dentist regularly as they get older, creating issues around oral hygiene, and further reinforcing their dental anxiety.

How We Help Children Avoid Dentaphobia

At Simon Pong Dentistry, we believe in creating a positive experience for your children, so that they associate visits to the dentist being as painless and relaxing as possible. 

Here are some of the ways we aim to make our young patients feel cared for:

  • Our reception staff will always greet you and your children in a friendly, caring, and professional manner.
  • Our dental receptionists are able to answer any questions you or your children have about their dental care. They are on hand to discuss past dental experiences that may have caused dental anxiety, so we can relieve those concerns. We are here to help you and your family, and the more we get to know you, the more we can make your visits comfortable.
  • You are welcome to sit with your child during their appointment, to offer reassurance or to listen to their concerns and explain them to us.
  • We believe that communication is extremely important. We ensure all of our young patients understand their procedures, and what they can expect before we begin any treatment. 
  • We take breaks as often as needed — your child’s comfort is our priority.
  • Your child is fully in control during their procedure. If they feel anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable in any way, they can stop the treatment by raising their left hand.
  • We offer oral sedation or laughing gas to help calm their nerves during dental appointments.
  • We have TV monitors in all treatment rooms to provide our young patients with distraction from the sights, sounds, and smells of their treatment.

At Simon Pong Dentistry, we are focused on making sure that the children who visit our practice have a safe and pain-free experience. Contact us today to arrange a worry-free appointment for your child.

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